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OUR DENTIST ARE HERE TO REPAIR AND PROTECT YOUR SMILE! Do You Have A Broken Or Abscessed Tooth? Call Us learn more d Got An Emergency?

Angel Dental Care - Dental Emergency

Our emergency procedures are done with restorative care.


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Angel Dental Care Picton - Dental Emergency

Are you in pain? 

Angel Dental Care provides emergency dentistry for new and existing patients alike. Our top priority is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible (and save your smile in the process!)

Emergencies We Treat

Every dental emergency is different. So is the way you should respond. Here are some of the more common scenarios that we see in our office, and what you should do if one happens to you:

Toothache/Tooth Pain — A painful toothache often requires same-day attention. Call our office immediately. In the meantime, take an anti-inflammatory to alleviate some of the discomfort. 

Broken or Knocked Out Tooth — Act quickly. If we see you within the next 1-2 hours it may be possible to reattach or reimplant your tooth. In the meantime, put it in a container and cover it with milk or contact solution. If neither is available, use tap water with a pinch of salt. The key is to get to our Picton office straightaway. 

Abscessed Tooth — Root canal therapy is a must. Seek treatment at your earliest convenience before the infection spreads. 

Broken Filling, Crown, or Bridge — Avoid eating on that tooth until it can be repaired. Store your crown or bridge in a zip-top bag and bring it to our office. In most cases, the restoration will need to be replaced, but it may be possible to bond it back. 

Swelling and Bleeding — Minor swelling can be managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Cold compresses also help. Try to get to our office within the next day or two. For bleeding, apply firm pressure until it subsides. However, severe facial swelling and uncontrollable bleeding is a medical emergency and you should go straight to the hospital. 

Fast Pain Relief

When you arrive for your emergency appointment at Angel Dental Care Picton, our dentists will be there do everything possible to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll discuss the best plan of action for treating your condition. The customised care plan may range anywhere from a small filling to an extraction, depending on the circumstances and your input.

Instances like broken or knocked-out teeth typically need to be treated within the first 1-2 hours. Contact our office immediately and we’ll make appropriate arrangements to work you into our schedule.

Angel Dental Care QIP (Accredited) Dentist Office

The Staff at Angel Dental Care in Picton are all about making you smile more! Contact us straight away in case of a dental emergency!

Your Happiness Is What We Care About

Angel Dental Care Picton is a specialised care dental practice with world-class treatment and services.

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